What is Wourmet?

Wöurmet was born in Madrid 2015, due to the intention of its 3 partners to find the best Spanish Gourmet products in the Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oils sector that this wonderful land produces. It has been years of exhaustive searches in recognized sector fairs such as Fenavin in Ciudad Real, Feria Gourmet Experiences in Madrid, Expoliva Jaen, WOOE World Olive Oil Exhibition in Madrid, where by meeting with suppliers and tasting their products we have made this great selection for you.
We have not only visited the Fairs, but together with the suppliers we have visited their Wineries, Mills, Packaging and Glass Suppliers, throughout the Spanish territory, thus knowing each product in a more in-depth way, tasting their varieties, learning about their crops, evaluating its commitment to the environment, which has led us to choose what in our opinion are products with great gastronomic, environmental and, of course, aesthetic qualities.
All this research has led us to offer on this website a selection of red, white and cava wines, as well as a variety of the best world-class ecological and organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils. This Club supports the productive process of its suppliers also in design and Gastronomic Art, for this reason one of our products has been developed with our aesthetic criteria and guiding an R+D+i process with an oil mill in Castilla la Mancha to produce our first Organic AEOV.
Our Gourmet store not only offers you high-quality products but also unbeatable prices due to our proximity to suppliers, since we are Category 1a Distributors, and therefore we have unbeatable prices and guarantees for the market.
Our intention is to create a community that loves the best gastronomic products of Wine and AEOV, sharing our experience and selection, as well as our new developments.
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Write to us at info@wourmet.shop